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Welcome to Readinstore.com. The website provides you with an opportunity to browse and purchase various goods that have been listed for sale through the website.


  • If there is no extra packaging, the client is not issued to pay extra charges
  • In case the goods need extra protection due to the nature of the goods purchased in order to protect them, the client shall pay the extra charges for packing
  • The client shall be informed on how his/her goods will be packed before making the order


  • The client is informed about the means of transport that will be used before the goods are shipped from the country they were purchased from this will help to estimate the time it will take to be delivered to the client
  • The means transport is determined by the country the goods purchased from due to the nature of the goods
  • Transport fees shall be paid by the client


  • We shall inform the client the time the goods shall arrive after making the order with us
  • In case the goods are issued to pay taxes and the client is the one to pay, we make sure the goods are delivered to the costumes service and the client is given all documents needed to pay taxes after making all payments with us
  • In case the client needs us to deliver the goods in our store or to his/her store, the client must pay the customs, the ones who are in charge to look after the goods, plus the taxes after these payments are made we make sure we deliver the goods at the place agreed on
  • If there are no difficulties in between, normally the goods are delivered at the pace we agreed upon or in our store in case there are other payments to make
  • The client is given his/her goods after and the documents needed after all payments are done with us

  • In case the client’s goods are in our store for over 30 days we will sell them and not give back the deposit

  1. TAXES

  • When a client reaches out to us he/she chooses if he will pay his/her taxes or we will be in charge of it, therefore, making agreements
  • The information documents of the client are given to him/her after all payments are made


  • When a client makes an order with us, he/she need to pay half of the total payment as a deposit
  • The client receives his/her goods and all the documents after making all payments


  • The client should be aware of the quality and standards of goods to be purchased as he/she will be the one to explain it at the RSB if needed
  • The client is given the certificate identifying the standards of the goods purchased from the factory


  • Any dispute that may arise will be resolved with negotiations between two parties
  • In case negotiations between two parties fail there will be an intervention of the law in regard to this agreement


  • To sign on this agreement you must read and understand every clause and agree all these terms and conditions

Use of Personal Contact Information if you obtain service under this warranty, you authorize Reading Technology to store, use and process information about your contact information including name, phone numbers, address, and e-mail address. Reading Technology Ltd may use this information to perform service under this warranty. we may contact you to inquire about your satisfaction with our warranty service or to notify you about any product recalls or safety issues. In accomplishing these purposes, you authorize Reading Technology Ltd to transfer your information to any country where we do business and to provide it to entities acting on our behalf. We may also disclose it where required by law.